The Gauntlet The Birthday Three Women at the MFA Coming Of Age In The Year 2018
Unfinished Business SOLD Lunch At Noon Coffee With Andi Equilibrium SOLD
Shadow StudySOLD Finding A Shell

The Higher She Went,The Smaller They Seemed

Counterpoint SOLD
Night Coming On Tam Robert Eric
ChefN/A Night Life N/A
We'll Always Be YoungSOLD He Searched The Room For Her Auburn Hair Saturday Night At Le DiplomateN/A Selfies
Three Women At The Corcoran Rita'sSOLD A Cup of SoupN/A Navigating the Stones
America Series (currently in progress)    
Dion Susana Cole Veronica
Dan George Anne Mehri
Caitlyn José Eddie and Jeff Ieva
Craig Katie Grace Daniel
Winter Skaters Series      
Winter Skaters1 Winter Skaters2 Winter Skaters3 Winter Skaters4